“The turning point is not far away”

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Covid, “the turning point is not far off“This is what the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, guest of ‘Stasera Italia week end’ on Retequattro said, specifying that” we are still in a complicated situation “, but the” picture is different “compared to a year ago because “on the one hand there are the measures” and on the other we have “the vaccinations”. “Who says we are as in March “of 2020,” says one thing that is blatantly inaccurate, because – explained the executive representative – a year ago we did not have vaccines, we did not have monoclonal antibodies, we were in difficulty with respirators, masks, today there is a totally different picture. This does not mean that measures are not needed: at this moment, here and now, we still need the measures to govern the treatment, but it is clear that we are building the conditions to be able to look with reasoned confidence in the coming weeks “.” AstraZeneca vaccination yesterday at 3pm and there is significant adhesion. This means that in the end people understand, as it should be, that the vaccine is the real weapon to permanently end this complicated season “.” The vast majority of staff have been vaccinated and very early too. They gave an absolutely positive example and we thank them for that too. “

“The line I try to follow – then reiterated Speranza – is that of protecting health, it is not a question of being penalty takers or fans of the openings, it is a question of being realistic. If there is a curve that grows, if there is one. is the contagion that runs, if people lose their lives we have the duty to intervene. This is the mandate of the Constitution on which we have sworn and I believe that on this no shortcuts, divisions or lightness are allowed. We must be very serious and work to protect the people’s health and life “.

Sullo Sputnik “EMA is proceeding with the rolling review and it is important to see what the outcome of this check will be. I have always said one thing that applies to the Russian vaccine but can apply to any other vaccine: the point is not the nationality of who these vaccines have conceived, developed, deployed them, the question is whether these vaccines are effective and safe “, said Speranza. “To be effective and safe – he added – we need the regulatory agencies, the European one but also the national one, who tell us how things are. If a vaccine is effective and safe it must be used because it can save a person’s life. and it would be a mistake not to use it “.

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