The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry did not receive messages about Russia’s plans to evacuate diplomats

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The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has not received notifications from Russia or other countries about plans to evacuate its diplomats from the country, Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko told Ukrinform. The Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier that the Russian Embassy in Kiev is operating normally.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not receive information from the Russian side about the evacuation of employees of the diplomatic institutions of the Russian Federation from Ukraine. The embassies of other states in Ukraine also did not report intentions to evacuate their employees, ”Nikolenko said.

On the eve of The New York Times, citing a senior member of the Ukrainian Security Service, reported that Russia began to evacuate its diplomats and their families from Ukraine. According to the source, on January 5, 18 people – mostly wives and children of diplomats – left for Russia by bus, and about 30 more people left Kiev and Lvov in the following days. Employees of two more consulates were instructed to prepare for leaving the country.

In autumn, a number of Western media reported on alleged plans for a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. Thus, Bloomberg, citing US intelligence data, claimed that about 100,000 Russian soldiers could invade Ukraine from three directions at once. Other publications reported on the transfer of Russian military personnel and equipment to the borders of the republic. U.S. officials also spoke of an alleged Russian troop amassing to the border with Ukraine.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia has no such plans and that it does not pose a threat to other countries of the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that earlier it was also said that Russia would allegedly invade the territory of Ukraine, but this did not happen.


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