The ultra-Orthodox doctor who fought for his life: “They are wicked!”

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The ultra-Orthodox doctor who fought for his life: “They are wicked!”
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The ultra-Orthodox physician, Dr. Zeev (Vladimir) Zelenko, a Chabad follower from New York who gained international attention after proposing a cure for the coronavirus during the first period of the epidemic – a drug that was even publicly mentioned by former President Trump – updated on his medical condition and even warned he might Leave the world.

Zelenko, who has been suffering from a rare tumor in his body for some time, is accustomed to filming videos in which he expresses his views, which are identified with controversial conspiracies regarding the global treatment of the corona virus.

Now, in the latest video released by Zelenko from his sickbed in a medical center where he is hospitalized, he updates on his medical condition and goes on to the usual topics as well:

The video published by Dr. Zelenko (Photo: Self)

According to Zelenko, despite his complex condition, he will continue to fight for what he believes in and is still “in a very good mental state”.

“My determination to help humanity, the vulnerable, innocent and decent people to overcome this darkness and the terrible plague that has befallen us has never been stronger. If I have to leave the world, I accept God’s will, but I encourage and implore you all to step up your struggle And to publicly oppose the tyrannical policy that is coming to us again, “Zelenko said.

Dr. Zelenko went on to say that the World Health Organization – which he says is run mainly by billionaire Bill Gates – is gradually conquering countries, and will later cause global panic and a policy of “dehumanizing” the world’s population.

“They will continue to send wave after wave of their evil agenda, until we make an internal decision to throw the evil out of us,” he said.

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