The UN mission arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh after 100,000 people fled the region

The UN mission arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh after 100,000 people fled the region

2023-10-01 11:31:16

A United Nations mission arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh on Sunday, an Azerbaijani official told AFP, after almost the entire ethnic Armenian population fled the region as Baku reclaimed the previously isolated enclave.

A column of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh. September 25, 2023

The press secretary of the President of Azerbaijan reported that “the UN mission arrived in Karabakh on Sunday morning” – mainly to assess humanitarian needs.

Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia. September 29, 2023

For the first time in 30 years, an international organization gained access to this region.

Armenian separatists who have controlled the region for three decades have agreed to disarm, dissolve their government and reintegrate with Baku after a day-long Azerbaijani offensive last week.

France criticizes Azerbaijan for allowing the mission to enter only after most residents had already fled.

Almost all of Karabakh’s approximately 120,000 residents have left the territory, sparking a refugee crisis.

Nazeli Baghdasaranthe press secretary of the Prime Minister of Armenia, reported that 100,483 forcibly displaced persons had arrived in Armenia by Sunday morning.

She said that 45,516 refugees are now in temporary accommodation.

A national day of prayer for the region was celebrated in Armenia on Sunday.

Bells rang in churches across the country, and the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Goregin II, led the service at the country’s main cathedral, Echmiadzin, near the capital, Yerevan.

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