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The journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Gennady Mozheiko was detained in Minsk, while he did not have to leave the territory of Belarus before, the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Soloviev told Izvestia.

“The place of detention is still completely unclear. It was a very strange statement by the Belarusian side that he went to Russia, but then was expelled back. We have information that he did not go anywhere, but only told his relatives that he was going to Russia, but nevertheless, he remained all the time in Minsk, where he was arrested. But this information has not been verified to the end, ”said Vladimir Solovyov.

He also noted that the union has repeatedly called for the release of the KP employee and the restoration of the work of the publication in Belarus.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus previously reported that the law enforcement agencies of the country on October 1 detained the journalist on the territory of the republic after his return from Russia. The head of the department for citizenship and migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Aleksey Begun, said that Mozheiko tried to fly to another country through the Russian Federation, but the Russian authorities did not allow him to do so. According to a representative of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus, the correspondent was also given to understand that his stay in Russia is undesirable, after which he went to Belarus, where he was detained.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted on October 6 that the Kremlin has no information about where the journalist was detained.

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