The US is pushing for an independent investigation into the origin of the covid

by time news – “Without data, no conclusions can be drawn”. So White House spokesperson Jen Psaki insists on need for an independent investigation into the origins of Covid-19, with the cooperation of China. “There is no way we can draw conclusions. We don’t have enough information. We need to look at a wide range of options. We need data, we need an independent investigation. That’s what we are asking for,” says Psaki, urged more on the News of the Wall Street Journal concerning the three researchers from the Wuhan laboratory, in China, who would have been hospitalized in November 2019, fueling the increasingly shared hypothesis among scientists of a laboratory origin of the coronavirus.

Joe Biden’s own chief immunologist, Anthony Fauci, told last week that he was unsure of the virus’s natural origin. “I think it is right to investigate – he said – I do not exclude that it was created in the laboratory. I do not exclude anything. It is important that an independent, objective, non-partisan investigation be carried out, conducted by a commission without prejudice, in one sense or another “).

Psaki and Fauci today reiterated the concept. “We have repeatedly asked (the World Health Organization) to support an expert-led investigation into the origins of the pandemic, without interference or politicization,” notes the press secretary while Fauci, in an interview with Fox, says: “I’m not sure it developed naturally. “

In the WHO report released last March and drawn up together with Chinese scientists, the animal origin of Covid is privileged but other hypotheses are not excluded. Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), speaking to CNBC, defines the evidence in favor of a laboratory origin of the virus as “growing” but considers it unlikely for the US to reach a certain conclusion.


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