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The president of Veneto: “We need a change, we count the hospitalized and not the infected”

With the mandatory green pass to go to the restaurant, the French president Macron has “convinced” a million people to book vaccination in a few hours.

Isn’t that a good solution to convince the rioters?
«Well, it’s like saying that vaccines are mandatory – replies the president of Veneto Luca Zaia -. It is a choice that must be evaluated carefully and not superficially ».

Is that the only limit?
«No, it must also be taken into account that we now do not have vaccines for everyone. Therefore, faced with a more or less direct constraint, we should be able to guarantee vaccination for everyone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But there is another obstacle, which we have already experienced ».

What are you referring to?
«In Veneto we were called back by the Privacy Guarantor because we ask for the green pass to enter the hospital. There is also this profile to consider. And then, forgive me … ».

Hint, president.
“If there are those who claim the freedom not to be vaccinated, there are also those who are already vaccinated and now claim more freedom. It sounds like a play on words, but we must be careful to keep behaviors consistent. If we say that with vaccination we can return to an almost normal life, then we cannot put too many obstacles apart from those dictated by the right prevention rules ».

You argue that we are in a new phase and that the government needs to change its strategy. What do you mean?
“Yes, we use the public health rules that were in force a year ago, when there were no vaccines and the virus claimed victims and seriously ill. They are prudential rules, I understand, but we are in a different phase ».

What are you worried about?
«I am concerned that Veneto, by virtue of the fact that it does the most tampons ever in Italy (437 per 100 thousand inhabitants), is not penalized because it brings out more infected people. But the vast majority of these are asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic subjects, that is, people who do not go to hospital ».

So what are you asking?
«That the parameters that determine the passage from one colored area to another change. Instead of considering the number of infected, we must measure the hospitalized. What matters now is the burden on the hospitals. ”

Otherwise, what happens?
“Simple. Paradoxically, those who swab more, and therefore find more infected, then end up in the yellow or red area despite having empty or almost empty hospitals. If this is the case, a Region makes the bare minimum of swabs and that’s it ».

Why do you make so many tampons in Veneto?
“We do over 21,000 a day, red zone numbers. But we believe that this is a weapon of extraordinary prevention, especially with young people. Many guys are convinced that nothing will ever happen to them (and for them it may be true). They do not realize, however, that they can be vectors of the virus for relatives and friends, perhaps older than those who, not being vaccinated, risk big risks ».

So down to tampons relentlessly.
«Yes, this is why we say to young people: before going to a party or to places at risk, come and swab 24 hours in advance. It’s free, you don’t need a prescription and access is free. You can do it in a few minutes ».

It is a kind of form of self-protection.
«Vaccination must be voluntary. I do not argue with those who are not convinced but I invite them to take advantage of this service which would prevent them from causing unpleasant situations if they were infected without knowing it “.

You also appealed to swab those who participated in the parties for the national team.
“The doors are open to everyone. Come and see if everything is okay. And we do salivary swabs, less invasive than the molecular ones ».

Ready for the reopening of schools.
«I am against dividing children between vaccinated and non-vaccinated, as some would like. It would be an unacceptable form of ghettoisation. We will return to the classroom with masks and in some schools we will do control tests to monitor the situation. Ready to intervene with our tried and tested war machine ».

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