The value of preparing for the future in a great institution

The value of preparing for the future in a great institution

2023-06-09 07:33:29

learn with a innovative methodologybased on the british modelhelps students to be better prepared to face their Laboral future, above all, at such a decisive moment as the completion of high school studies or university studies. In THE WAYthe International Business School located in Zaragoza, works by providing each of its students with the necessary tools for a bright future.

Since 35 yearsthe Aragonese university center presents an attractive and innovative offer in methodology, since they believe that the best prepared student is the one who has faced the challenges of the workplace while still being student. In this way, at CESTE they do not stop looking at their ultimate objective and focus their training offer on what the labor market demands.

For this reason, we find in his university careers until seven areas of expertise focused on different areas with a high demand for professionals. Highlights the BAC (Bachelor in Applied Computing) with three different itineraries such as Cybersecurity, Cloud or Networks; and the BBM (Bachelor in Business Management)with specializations such as Logistics and Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Finance and International Entrepreneurship.

In the case of official master’s degrees (from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David), students can find the Master in Financial Managementthe Master in Networks and Cybersecurity and the MBA with nine itineraries: Digital Marketing, Health Services Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, International Entrepreneurship, Agri-food Industry, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Consulting and Financial Services, People and Human Resources, and this year’s new itinerary, Renewable energy and energetic efficiency.

The students highlight the innovative, personalized and highly practical methodology

In addition, the university center collaborates with the college sacred Family (CESTE’s alma mater) in the Higher Degree Cycle of DAM (Development of Multiplatform Applications), one of the professions most in demand by companies and which also opens doors to a future university career in the center. Thanks to this collaboration, students will have access to different professional certifications and companies in the sector TIC (Information and communication technologies) located in Aragon with whom CESTE actively collaborates in the training of professionals.

Scholarships and grants

On the other hand, the CESTE-education and business Foundation has a scholarship and aid program intended for those students interested in studying at the business school. The scholarships, called for those people with good academic performance, can reach up to 50% of the cost of the study in the case of university degrees and the DAM, and 80% in the case of master’s degrees.

Training for managers

In addition, CESTE will teach in Aragon the Digital Generation Program SMEs–Executives inside the PRecovery, Transformation and Resilience lan led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, through the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence and the EOI Foundation, attached to the General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs. It is a training program in digital transformation100% free, to help the directors of Aragonese companies to advance on their way to digitization in order to improve the productivity of SMEs and their possibilities of growth and internationalization.

Starting next June, CESTE will begin to train up to 750 directors of Aragonese SMEs. The program lasts 136 hours, plus 10 hours of mentoring, and the managers will finish the training by carrying out their company’s digital transformation plan, helped by CESTE instructors.

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