The verdict in the Roman Zdorov case was postponed – this is the new date

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The sentencing in the retrial of Roman Zadorov in the case of the late Tair Rada was postponed until the end of the month, to 30.3.23 at 10:00 am, according to an announcement made today (Wednesday). This, after the sentence was supposed to be handed down next week.

A match was found between a hair found at the scene of Tair Rada’s murder and AH

As a reminder, following the decision of retired Supreme Court Judge Meltzer, who ruled on a retrial for Zadorov following expert opinions on the murder scene, the Attorney General’s Office announced in July 2021 that State Attorney Amit Isman decided to retry Zadorov’s trial and it began in September of that year.

During the last months of the retrial, quite a few dramas and tensions were recorded, with the testimony of Dr. Chen Kugel, head of the Forensic Medicine Institute, and various experts from Israel and the world who examined various findings at the scene of the murder. Zdorov, for his part, repeated the claim that he did not kill Rada, and even repeated In it is his confession to Medovev in the detention cell: “I lied to Medovev in everything he asked. I rambled, I ranted with him about everything that came to my mind.” At the same time, Zadorov’s testimony was not without mysteries, which the judges called “disturbing”.

The late Tair Rada was murdered in the restroom at the “Nopi Golan” school in Katzrin in 2006, and she was only 13 years old.

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