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The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB of the Russian Federation have put on the federal wanted list the ex-prisoner of the Saratov prison hospital and IT specialist Sergei Savelyev, who handed over a video archive of torture in Russian colonies to the human rights project This was reported in the Telegram channel on Saturday, October 23. Human rights activists posted on the Internet the official response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the search request. “The Russian security forces are exposing themselves and are trying to silence the man who helped the world learn about crimes against humanity and against humanity,” human rights activists believe.

It is not clear from the response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs what Savelyev is accused of. On October 18, it became known that he asked for political asylum in France. believes that the next step after declaring him on the wanted list in Russia will be an appeal by the Russian authorities to Interpol.

Human rights activists intend, in turn, to appeal to Interpol and propose “to introduce a moratorium on the participation of the Russian Federation in this organization until the reform of the Federal Penitentiary Service and the entire investigative and judicial system and the termination of the use of torture conveyors against those arrested and convicted.”

Had access to video recorders in the colony

In early October, the founder of the portal, Vladimir Osechkin, announced that he had received several dozen gigabytes of videos, photographs and other documents about the abuse of prisoners in Russia. This information was provided to them by the programmer Sergei Savelyev, who was serving time in one of the colonies and was engaged in the maintenance of video recorders and surveillance cameras there.

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The publication of caused a wide response in Russia. Communists in the State Duma called for a parliamentary investigation of torture in Russian colonies. Nevertheless, the State Duma did not support this initiative because of the position of the deputies from the ruling United Russia party.

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