The video of wild boars walking around the Monte Mario cycle path in Rome – Three wild boars walking by day on the cycle path of Monte Mario, in Rome, with two local police officers walking a short distance away inviting as a precaution the people present on bikes, scooters and on foot to stay in the center of the path to do not get too close to the animals.

The video dates back to the past few days and is running on the web: it shows the animals crossing a stretch of the structure at a brisk pace. The brigade monitor the situation to protect the safety of those present.

It is just the latest in a series of videos showing groups of wild boars that run through some neighborhoods of Northern Rome. There proximity of the area with some large green areas at the borders of the capital it favors the presence of these animals. The latest controversy dates back to November, with an exchange of accusations between the Municipality and the Region on the ownership of the emergency management, after a female specimen had been killed along with 6 puppies, triggering controversy by the animal rights activists.



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