The viral trick to learn not to run out of a euro

The viral trick to learn not to run out of a euro

All of us at some point or another have been surprised by the lack of money in ours current account; but what happened? The ease of power pay by credit card has made it more difficult control our expenses because we are stretching from card and there are few who really look at it banc virtual daily.

If we want to learn to reduce our expenses, we must first identify them. In this article we will mention a two expenses that are very recurring and that if we looked at them in more detail, we would succeed save and not meet us with the hidden pockets.

‘ant’ expenses

These are the most lethal for our economyif we are not people who control what they spend on a daily basis. Ant expenses they are those that are hardly noticeable in our day-to-day life, but when a week or two passes, they do become noticeable. Go for a coffee, go out for lunch, buy a sandwich for work, water, tobacco… If we keep adding up, there will come a time when we will see that we have spent more than we planned in this aspect. So, watch out for these expenses.

‘Phantom’ expenses

These, on the other hand, are the ones that cover a wish and we are usually charged each month to the current account automatically. So, we don’t have physical control over them and how, sometimes, these expenses they are small and we don’t put them together, we think they won’t hurt our pocket and mistake! netflix, Amazon Prime… They are applications that need ours automated payment monthly to operate. I’m sure we have more than one and if we add them up at the end of the month, let me know total despair.

Now that you know the most difficult expenses to identify because they are very camouflaged with the day-to-day shuffling and with automation and desires, it’s time to make a budget and decide how much you want or can spend on these products. Start controlling your finances it is no longer an impossible dream to fulfill.


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