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SHANGHAI: The Communist government of China has been imposing tough restrictions, including curfews, on its promise to zero in on the cove, despite scientists claiming that new varieties of cove could not be prevented, that the curfew would not last long and that spraying disinfectants on the roads would be ineffective.

The city of Shanghai, China, has been experiencing high levels of omega for more than a month. As of May 4, 491 people have died from omega-3 infections. Most of them are in their 80s and 90s and have not been vaccinated. The Health Commission says only 38 percent of people over the age of 60 in Shanghai have been fully vaccinated. The curfew has been in place in Shanghai for more than a month, claiming to be blocking omega. Elderly people living there have told the media that strict restrictions are scarring their minds.

If the Govt test confirms the infection, 90- and 100-year-olds are separated from their families and sent to solitary confinement centers. There alone they claim to suffer from not being able to fulfill their needs. People have now decided to ease the curfew as they try to fight side by side.

They are about to open the city gradually and temporarily without announcing a one-off relaxation. Currently the number of people infected with the disease has dropped significantly. Have increased the work of vaccinating the elderly. President Xi Jinping has told his ministers that the absence of Govt can be achieved through diligence.

SHANGHAI: New Govt varieties can not be prevented, curfew will not last long, and scientists say spraying disinfectants on roads is ineffective

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