“The Voice”: a “brother of” arrives, and a former semi-finalist tries his luck again

“The Voice”: a “brother of” arrives, and a former semi-finalist tries his luck again

The armchairs do not tire us, a little… But the blind auditions for season 12 of “The Voice” on TF 1 are gradually approaching their conclusion. For this sixth evening out of seven, Amel Bent, Vianney, Zazie and Bigflo and Oli tried to complete their team of 14 talents maximum. And without permission to overtake, this time!

And the evening started well with Jérémy Levif, a candidate like no other. Because this 31-year-old French and German teacher, living in Ayr, Scotland, is on his third attempt, after having failed the castings in 2020 and having had to give up trying in 2022 because of the Covid. “But in twelve years, you are still my greatest humiliation”, all the same specified Bruno Berberes, responsible for the castings of the competition. Rightly so, since if Jérémy is taking part in the show for the first time in France, he has already been a semi-finalist in 2021 in the United Kingdom, in the will.i.am team!

Fortunately for him, the third French test is the good one. His pretty cover of “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence made all the chairs rotate. “If we weren’t all there, it was really dishonest,” said Vianney. Guys who have your abilities, it’s a chance for everyone! A seductive declaration for the artist. He has indeed decided to join the team of the interpreter of “Beau-papa”.

With Jordan, “there were problems of accuracy”

The 32-year-old coach also achieved another feat by recovering Morgan, a 37-year-old intermittent video technician from Isère, in his purse. His cover of “Ten years of us”, by Ben Mazué, awakened some memories among the coaches. In particular Amel Bent who, if she did not turn around, immediately wondered: “Vianney, don’t you think he looks like our Mister Mat from last year? »

Bingo, since the singer is none other than his brother, finalist of the Vianney team a year earlier! “Ah no, not yet acquaintances! “Plagued Zazie, while his rival has been reuniting with various candidates for several weeks. A little rant in the smile well felt, since Morgan decided to walk in the wake of his brother and tried to arrive, too, as far as possible among the foals of the thirty-something.

If the choices of Jérémy and Morgan were obvious, the coaches passed by Jordan, from Saint-Denis. The 29-year-old singer, however, offered a superb version of “I don’t know”, by Celine Dion, in a style greatly reminiscent of Slimane. Not enough for coaches. “There were problems with accuracy,” lamented Bigflo, confirmed in his choice by his comrades. But quite incomprehensible from the other side of the screen. Damage.


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