the Waalwijk-Ajax match stopped after discomfort by the local goalkeeper

the Waalwijk-Ajax match stopped after discomfort by the local goalkeeper

2023-09-30 23:40:23

Etienne Vaessen, goalkeeper of RKC Waalwijk, suffered an illness against Ajax this Saturday evening.

The Dutch championship match between RKC Waalwijk and Ajax Amsterdam was definitively stopped following the illness of the home team’s goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen, the ANP agency reported on Saturday evening.

With a few minutes remaining and Ajax leading 3-2, Vaessen remained on the ground, apparently unconscious according to TV images, after a collision with Ajax striker Brian Brobbey.

Several players then panicked while stewards quickly stretched blankets around the goalkeeper who was busy being treated by doctors from both clubs. The players, some in tears, also formed a cordon around Vaessen.

The unfortunate goalkeeper was then evacuated on a stretcher while the stadium announcer announced that the match would not resume, explaining in particular that several players were “too affected to continue playing”. The nature of Etienne Vaessen’s injury or discomfort has not yet been clarified by the club. Immediately after the match, several Eredivisie clubs such as PSV and Feyenoord sent messages of support to the goalkeeper via social networks.

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