The Wada cancels Schwazer’s dream, the disqualification remains until 7 July 2024 – The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) closes the doors again ad Alex Schwazer and reiterates that will not be able to compete until July 7, 2024 because disqualified for recidivism to doping.

The Wada at a few hours from unanimous approval of the Education, Culture and Sport Commission of the Chamber which commits the Italian government to adopt initiatives aimed at a possible Schwazer’s participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, produced a document.

“Wada supports the evidence provided and scientifically try beyond a reasonable doubt and remains at the disposal of the Italian authorities to provide further details “, reads the note.

In 2016, Schwazer tested positive for testosterone, World Athletics filed a lawsuit, and the Sports Arbitration Tribunal (Tas of Lausanne, ed) found him guilty of committing an anti-doping violation. Given his recidivism, he received an eight-year suspension and remains ineligible to compete until July 7, 2024 ”.



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