The “Waltmann Cheese Corner” from Erlangen

Whe has nothing but cheese in his head, should worry about his mental health – unless you are in the affineurs profession and find nothing in thinking of nothing but cheese even while life dreams are being fulfilled. This is what happened to Volker Waltmann on a safari in South Africa, during which a tracker from the Zulu people served him a pick-me-up called Makachakaamarula, a frothed coffee with cocoa and the cherry cream liqueur Amarula.

Immediately the affineur no longer had lion and giraffe in mind, but only pondered how he could refine a cheese the Zulu way. At home he cut a Frisian blue cheese lengthways, removed the inside, kneaded it with cherry and chocolate, then put everything back together and dipped the loaf in a bath of coffee liqueur and cherry juice so that you couldn’t see the ugly cut edge – that’s it was the Makachakaamarula, the craziest work so far by the cheese-crazy Volker Waltmann.

Germany has long been the realm of the cheese hedgehog and the meat hedgehog, the twin horrors of every cold buffet. That was it when Waltmann’s mother, a good cook, great gourmet and hard-working France driver, opened a cheese shop in Erlangen in 1983, which was to become the meaning and purpose of her son’s life.

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