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“Bürgermeister sucht Frau” – the name of this action is more suitable for the television format. Germany already has the popular RTL show “Bauer sucht Frau”, which helps German farmers find their soul mate. But the action to find the first lady for the German burgomaster was initiated by the community of the city of Sigmarszell itself. Local residents worry about their mayor and worry that he spends too much time at work – in the town hall.

Seven years without the first lady

Jörg Agthe has been the mayor of Sigmarszell in Bavaria for seven years. And for seven years the town hall remains, so to speak, without the first lady. The 40-year-old official, however, did not complain about anything, but local residents decided that the burgomaster needed help.

This year, volunteer firefighters erected a maypole in front of the town hall, decorated with a large heart, on which was written: “Bürgermeister sucht Frau”. Maypots in Germany are traditionally planted on the night of the first day of this spring month. Young men (in leap years – girls) place love messages on their hearts or simply write the name of the one or the one they are in love with, and to whom this tree is dedicated. The tree in front of the town hall turned out to be special – an appeal to find a soul mate for a workaholic-official.

The search continues

The maypole, of course, has long been removed, but the search continues. And this story became a media story in Germany: large publications such as Der Spiegel and Focus quickly picked up the local media.

As Jörg Agte said in an interview with German media, more than 200 women have already responded to the ad. The burgomaster even met with seven candidates. For the sake of one I went to Munich. But so far, the search for the first lady has not been crowned with success. The city administration did not respond to DW’s request. We will follow the development of events.

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