The widows of the Ryazan veterans through the court achieved payment for the 75th anniversary of Victory

The widows of the Ryazan veterans of the Great Patriotic War through the courts achieved a lump sum payment for the 75th anniversary of the Victory. This is reported by the regional court.

Ryazanki applied to the management of the Russian Pension Fund for payment, but they were refused. The department indicated that the money is intended only for citizens who participated in hostilities from 1941 to 1945 inclusive.

The widows of the front-line soldiers filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. The court found that the spouses of the Ryazan women took part in the liquidation of the national underground in Ukraine from March 1951 to December 1954. They had the status of veterans participating in the Great Patriotic War, so women were legally entitled to payments.

The district courts upheld the claims of the frontline soldiers’ widows and recognized their right to receive money.

The defendant’s appeal was dismissed.



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