The wind of splitting is back: who are Conte’s men

This is the scenario that aficionados of the 5 Star Movement would like to avoid, but it is also the one left on the dining table after the “sea bass pact” in Marina di Bibbona. Giuseppe Conte has not given up on his ambitions as a party leader. Coexistence with a politically cumbersome figure like Beppe Grillo clashes with the will to command. If it depended on the former prime minister, the founder of grillismo should step aside. Getting space in a short time to make the Movement his own: this is Conte’s idea. Also for this reason, despite the peace immortalized yesterday, the hypothesis of one split it must not be discarded.

The differences in the duo are not lacking: in recent months Beppe Grillo has become a governist, while Giuseppe Conte, who still would not have digested leaving Palazzo Chigi, seems to have the intention of putting a spoke in the wheel of the government headed by Mario Draghi. The reform of justice is a battleground on which the university professor wants to move.

It seems that Monday could be the day of the summit between the incumbent Prime Minister and his predecessor. Draghi’s schedule must maintain a certain pace: delaying is not expected. The European Union and the Recovery Fund do not allow hesitation. But Conte’s plan is to up the ante on a reform that doesn’t convince him. Grillo raised fewer problems on the level of Draghi and the minister Marta Cartabia. And this is already a relevant distinction.

The yellow-green leader first and then the Giallorossi is at a crossroads: tearing up with Draghi would mean making the 5 Star Movement an opposition party. Conte the centrist ally of the Democratic Party, which is one of the versions that was presented to us after the “populist” one alongside Matteo Salvini, would disappear. And the new Conte, this time maximalist on the left, would sit in the opposition, where for now there is only Giorgia Meloni. Alessandro Di Battista would perhaps be happy, but the former prime minister would thus distance himself from the ancillary bank project of the Democratic Party which seemed to reside among his strings. The paradox is that Beppe Grillo, that of the “Vaffa”, would find himself in his hands a ruler creature. A sort of u-turn for both of us: this would be the outcome of a separation at the moment.

Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that the project of a new center party – the one that is often discussed when Giuseppe Conte is appointed – can take hold outside the current government context, which also includes all the moderate forces. In case Conte breaks up with Mario Draghi, the road would almost become obligatory: there is space only to the left of the chessboard. For this reason, with some probability, the former Giallorossi and former yellow-green has not yet decided what to do. To revive the rumors of the split, however, he thought about it Tpi, which in these hours has published an in-depth analysis according to which the Grillini parliamentarians themselves browse the margherita, without excluding anything. The blank semester is upon us, as pointed out by the source, and that period is often used by leaders to review strategy.

Always Tpi also presents a list of figure on which Conte could count in the event of a new party formation: ranging from Professor Luca Di Donna to former undersecretary Mario Turco, passing through ambassador Pietro Benassi and admiral Carlo Massagli. They do not seem to be the profiles of a maximalist left party, but so be it. The feeling is that Conte is behind the times that politics would have recommended for such a move. Picking up the idea of ​​a personalistic party from the closet, now that the picture has changed, is not a trivial operation. Not splitting from Grillo, however, would mean for the former prime minister to be tied to the influence of the founder.

Solving the equation is not easy, because the alley is dead end. What is certain is that there is a lot of curiosity. If only to understand, after years on the scene, what is the value and programmatic platform espoused by the leading Count. Above all because in recent years more or less all the recipes. In case, for example, there would be the possibility of finding out what Conte’s position is on the Zan Bill and on related issues. Maybe.


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