The Windows Task Manager returns to its natural place

Among the innovations of the Windows 11 operating system, which it is not certain that the users actually expected, was the removal of the link to activate the task manager (Task Manager), the software used to control the programs running in the background and closing them, from the task bar at the bottom of the screen (Taskbar). Instead, Microsoft decided to move the task manager to the Start menu, where some users could not find it at all among the many icons and other shortcuts.

After almost two years, it seems that Microsoft is ready to withdraw from this decision. In the latest trial version of Windows 11, right-clicking on the taskbar again shows an option to quickly open the task manager. Everything works exactly as it was before, without surprises and unnecessary changes.

This version also includes for the first time the possibility to drag and place in a different order the icons representing the system applications, which appear on the right side of the taskbar. Microsoft also promises a number of bug fixes, including one particularly disturbing one that may have caused an incorrect display of time, date and location.

Users who are members of the Microsoft Insiders Club are already invited to install this version of the operating system. The rest will require waiting patiently: Microsoft does not announce exactly when features from the current beta version are expected to reach all users, and whether it will be done as part of one of the “big” updates of the coming months or as an update in itself that will be offered through the Windows Update system.


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