The woman who threw acid in the young man’s face and ran away! Shocking scene recorded on CCTV camera

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A CCTV footage has emerged of a mother of two throwing acid at a young man in India for refusing to marry him.

Arun Kumar hails from the Poojappura area of ​​Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The 29-year-old has been working for a private company there.

In this case, he has got acquainted with Sheeba (33) from Idukki district, Thodupuzha area through Facebook for the last 2 years. Their habit has turned into love over the course of the day.

But, Sheeba is already married and has 2 children. He has got used to Arun Kumar hiding this. The matter came to the notice of Arunkumar recently, who has stopped talking to him.

But Sheeba has been threatening him to marry her. Thus, Arun Kumar decided to marry another woman. This further angered Sheeba.

Thus, Sheeba, who contacted Arun Kumar a few days ago, said that she would withdraw if she gave him 2 lakh rupees. With no other option, Arun has said he will come with the money on the 16th.

According to it, Arun Kumar met Sheeba near the church in Adimali near Thodupuzha. Then, all of a sudden, Sheeba threw the acid he had hidden in Arun Kumar’s face.

Sheeba’s face also got acid. Thus, Sheeba escaped from there. The footage was reported on CCTV there.

In it, Arunkumar beats with acid silk pain. He was later admitted to the hospital with the help of bystanders. In which he caught a glimpse. Sheeba, who escaped after throwing acid, has been arrested by the police and is being investigated.


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