The woman who threw acid on her Facebook boyfriend

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Kerala: A woman threw acid on her boyfriend who refused to marry her in Kerala.

Arunkumar is a youth from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Sheeba (35) from Adimalli area of ​​Idukki district was introduced to him through Facebook. The Facebook conversation that started as Hi, Hello has continued for hours over the course of the day. The two have built a love line on Facebook. He has vowed to marry you. Consequently they have fluttered their wings like love birds.

In this case, the marriage has taken place. In a comedy template browsing the internet, it’s like a young man saying that I left my father and mother for you and his girlfriend saying that I left my children for you. This is what happened in their case. The woman is already married. He has two children.

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Arun Kumar has avoided talking to Sheeba after the matter came to light. He has left Sheeba saying that he is going to marry another woman. Come to Adimalli to talk to you in person. Sheeba has threatened to ask for more money. Otherwise I have said I will terminate your marriage. The young man agreed to pay a certain amount of money.

Following this, Arun Kumar came there with the money he had talked to his friend. The meeting took place at a church in the Irumbulla area. Then there was an argument between the two. In this, Sheeba got angry and took the acid she had hidden and threw it at Arun Kumar.

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Arun Kumar suffered a facial injury due to acid attack. His friend who rescued him has been admitted to a hospital in Adimalli for treatment. The next day he was admitted to a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram for treatment. It is said that Arunkumar suffered an eye loss. Sheeba sustained minor injuries to her face. Sheeba has been arrested following a complaint lodged by a youth on the issue.

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