“The woman with wings” by Cira Celotto and Alberto Guarino

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twelve o’clock, March 4, 2021 – 17:54

Presentation on Sunday 7 March at 11 at the Officina delle Culture Gelsomina Verde

NAPLES – That of Cira Celotto is the story of many women, of many people who, like her, find themselves in front of a mirror and fight with an image that they do not recognize, that they reject, but of which, despite their efforts, they cannot to break free. Your body becomes a cage, loneliness becomes a necessity and the primary impulse is to stop taking care of yourself and abandon yourself to sadness. And then feelings like shame, sense of inadequacy, fear, isolation, take hold more and more in a condition in which the mind sends messages to the body that the latter painfully continues to ignore. But that of Cira is above all a story of resilience, of those who fall and get up again, it is the story of a woman who transforms suffering into courage, melancholy into a desire for redemption, and puts her at the service of others.

She had decided to harm herself, erasing her femininity and indulging in junk food until she reached the weight of 92 kg. She no longer had self-esteem, of her being a woman and of her own identity. Locked up in the house, she could no longer even wear pajamas. however, when she decided to start over she had to face obstacles that seemed insurmountable to her. Only thanks to a great willpower did she manage to leave the body of the chrysalis and transform herself into a butterfly.

“The woman with wings” by Cira Celotto and Alberto Guarino, published by Giammarino Editore, will be presented to the press on Sunday 7 March at 11 at the “Gelsomina Verde” Workshop of Cultures, in via Arcangelo Ghisleri lot P, Scampia (Naples) . Speakers will be Ciro Corona (president of (R) Esistenza Anticamorra, Gino Giammarino (publisher), Maria Giovanna Fiume (president of the “Donne a testa al testa” association and author of the preface of the book).

March 4, 2021 | 17:54

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