“The women stay in the kitchen”: the president of Bayonne apologizes after his misogynistic remarks

“The women stay in the kitchen”: the president of Bayonne apologizes after his misogynistic remarks

2023-06-01 15:04:19

A skid and a coaster. Philippe Tayeb, president of Aviron bayonnais, inaugurated Tuesday evening AB Campus, the training center of the club ranked 8th in the Top 14. “The project is called AB Etxea. Etxea means house in Basque. And from what I’ve always been told, in the Basque Country, women stay in the kitchen,” said the 55-year-old leader, according to comments reported by Mediabask.

He was responding to other sexist remarks by the president of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques departmental council, Jean-Jacques Lasserre, who remarked during the visit that “these crampons are very clean. You should show my wife how to clean shoes.

“It’s something that doesn’t look like me. I am sorry for that “

A skid that started to make noise and on which Philippe Tayeb ended up explaining himself. It was Wednesday evening, during a presentation in front of club partners. According France Blue et Rugby Rama, the president of Rowing regretted his remarks. “First of all, it’s something that doesn’t look like me. I apologize if it offended people, ”assured Philippe Tayeb.

The president of the rugby club clarified: “This is something that was said to me by a nice young lady during the Hasparren parties and I took up this expression. You should know that, when I talk about cooking, my mother worked for 35 years in the family kitchen, because we had a restaurant. And if there is one person who is important in the Tayeb family, it is the mother. In our community or our family environment, it has always been the mother who was above everyone. So when I said that… I’m sorry if it offended, but I didn’t say that at all… I can attest to that, my board of directors is made up of seven girls for four boys. (…) But afterwards, these are comments that were made and I accept them. »

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