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Oslo: The world’s first electric ship, the Yara B. Ruckland set out for Norway on Friday 120 from a plant in the eastern city of Maya Porsgrani Located eight nautical miles from the container bend The first voyage of the ship was made in front of Brevik’s face.
About 40,000 diesel trucks pass through this plant every year That’s about 40,000 tons of diesel coming in every year Instead of traveling, people need fuel in fossil fuels Emissions of carbon dioxide are extremely low Traveling by sea in an environmentally friendly sea Prices are usually charged on a large scale Battery battery in the boat instead of the machine room in the game Parts can be made with the help of sensors. Self-propelled barge 7.5 nautical miles per ship Disable House Wheeler after action has been taken. The Captain controls the ship by means of a wheelhouse Disasters often come straight to the point, however. , And most of it is human The South Project Manager is the source of the carelessness of the people “It simply came to our notice then. And the hope of providing a safe voyage on board He shared.

ര Yara Birkland

 Operation by hydropower

 The ship’s battery has a capacity of 6.8 MW (equivalent to 100 Tesla)

80 m high

Weighs 200 3,200 tons

Three per cent of pollution comes from the marine sector

The oceans contribute about three percent of all man-made pollution. It aims to reduce this to 50 per cent by 2050. In 2018 alone, the oceans emitted one billion tons of greenhouse gases. This is according to figures from the International Maritime Organization. Using shipping instead of trucks would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 678 tons a year.

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