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Design is not just a human prerogative: we live in a world where there are many invisible forms. Here are some exciting examples

Ersilia Vaudo – Interview by Iacopo Gori / CorriereTv

The design it is a way of shape e you mark the world we live in. And this is not just one prerogative Human. However, we live in a world where there are many forms by design, often invisible. We have to get away gradually from prospect in which the man is at centerwe expand to a reality differentbut this reality always begins with us and includes, for example, the other forms living. For example we have a vase made from api, is one of Thomas Liberty’s works that puts in some way together a way to collaborate with the naturea dialogue between man and nature to create objects absolutes.
Unedited but wonderful they are also i worlds undergroundwhich somehow brings out Walter Schinkel, who is instead a scientist who has been doing for years strain in abandoned ant nests of aluminum liquid and extracts these worlds underground and invisible that make us aware of how, even in the dark, without a leader and without a project, ants are able to to build of the worlds to inhabit, of one complexity and of one beauty absolutely thrilling.

“95% of the universe is unknown to us: I’ll explain the unknown who needs to let go with pleasure” by

Gravity, the great designer of the universe (defeated by comet ducky) by

Ersilia Vaudo is an astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency. She is the curator of the «Unknown Unknowns» exhibition at the 23rd International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale where these images were filmed.

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