The World’s Top 10 “Smart Hospitals” (2023 Edition)

The World’s Top 10 “Smart Hospitals” (2023 Edition)

2023-05-31 01:00:48

  • For the second consecutive year, a study was carried out to identify the best smart hospitals in the world.
  • These types of hospitals stand out because they take advantage of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, robotics and 3-D printing to completely transform the patient experience.
  • Within the final list there is a broad dominance of the United States, occupying nine of the top 10 places.

The only constant in life is change and especially technology has transformed all areas. Today most things are done quite differently than they were 10 years or more ago. The clearest example can be seen with the emergence of the smart hospitals and there are even some that are considered the best in the world, but do you know what they consist of and what they are?

Something that must be made clear is that the image of the doctor has completely changed. It is only necessary to observe the surgeries to understand this evolution. The appearance of minimally invasive procedures have meant that today the recovery time is as short as possible. Sometimes the same day that the procedure is carried out, the patient is discharged.

Evolution within Medicine

With this in mind, technology is a very valuable tool within the healthcare field. From the development of mobile applications to specialized equipment, they are used on a daily basis by health professionals. Although it is just the beginning because there are also other aspects in which you can innovate.

From all of the above, the calls arose smart hospitals. In its simplest definition, these are spaces that have the latest technology available to medical personnel. The clear objective is to take advantage of this type of resources for the benefit of patients.

More specifically, the smart hospitals have at their disposal news such as Artificial intelligence for the analysis of a large amount of information in a few seconds and thus be able to make better decisions. In the same way, within their infrastructure they have androbotic equipment to perform minimally invasive surgeries and internal interconnectivity through the internet.

In addition, they also take advantage of other innovations such as the Augmented Reality, robotics and 3-D printing to completely transform the patient experience. Everything that once seemed exclusive to science fiction movies is now a reality.

The best smart hospitals in the world

Now is the time to know the names of the best hospitals in this category. To get an answer there is the ranking World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2023. This is a work that was carried out for the second consecutive year and the results were recently presented.

  1. Mayo Clinic – Rochester – United States
  2. Massachusetts General Hospital – United States
  3. The Johns Hopkins Hospital – United States
  4. Cleveland Clinic – United States
  5. The Mount Sinai Hospital – United States
  6. Brigham And Women’s Hospital – United States
  7. MD Anderson Cancer Center – United States
  8. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – United States
  9. Karolinska University Hospital – Suecia
  10. Houston Methodist Hospital – United States

In total, 300 hospitals that have all the above-mentioned requirements and which are found in 28 countries were analyzed. In the end, 10 were chosen as the best smart hospitals in the world for their daily use of Artificial intelligence, digital images, telemedicine and robotics.

Something quite striking is the dominance of the United States because it occupies nine of the top 10 places. In fact, the first position is for Mayo Clinic which is located in Rochester, New York. It is not a surprise because it also ranks first among the best overall hospitals on the planet.

For its part, the only one that is not in the American Union that appears among the best smart hospitals in the world is the Karolinska University Hospital. Located in Stockholm, it is a fairly recent space because it was inaugurated in 2004. Since then it has positioned itself as a benchmark in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

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