The writer Antonio Pennacchi died, he was 71 years old – The Strega award-winning writer Antonio Pennacchi died in his home in Latina. According to initial information Pennacchi, 71, would have been seized by an illness that would have given him no escape. Pennacchi had won the Strega prize in 2010 with Canale Mussolini.

Pennacchi was born in Latina on January 26, 1950. Before devoting himself to writing and becoming one of the most influential Italian novelists of recent years, Pennacchi was a worker at Alcatel-Fulgorcavi in ​​Borgo Piave, in the province of Latina. A worker engaged in trade union struggles by joining the PSI, then the CGIL and finally the UIL. In the past there was also a militancy in the Social Movement.

The writer’s activity began after graduating in Literature and Philosophy by taking advantage of the layoff. The first published work was ‘Mammut’, a 1994 novel, where it tells the adventures and struggles of a union representative of the Supercavi di Latina-Borgo Piave.

The following year he released ‘Paludi’, a text dedicated to the Pontine marshes and the fascist reclamation of the area, which anticipates his most awarded work, ‘Canale Mussolini’, which will be released in 2010 for Mondadori and which will earn him the Strega Prize.

In 2003 the novel ‘The fasces-communist’ was released which the author had started writing as early as 1992. From this novel in 2007 the film ‘My brother and’ only son ‘was made, directed by Daniele Luchetti, with protagonists Riccardo Scamarcio, Elio Germano and Luca Zingaretti.

Pennacchi in 2015 also published the sequel to his main work: ‘Canale Mussolini, part two’. Among the other novels: ‘Fascio e Martello’ (2008); ‘Karel’s Story’ (2013); ‘the crime of Agora’ (2018). The last novel of 2020 is ‘La strada del mare’, where Pennacchi returns to tell a new chapter in the saga of the Peruzzi family, in which he tells the fifties of the Agro Pontino.

In 2011, on the occasion of the municipal elections of Latina, he presented himself in the elections supporting the party founded by Gianfranco Fini, Futuro e Libertà, and obtaining 1.05% of the preferences.



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