The young woman who escaped from the car that overturned fell into the current Anu Maheswaran

Churuthoni (Idukki) ∙ The car overturned to a depth of about 70 meters, while walking out of the car in a panic, he lost his feet and fell into the river. Anu Maheshwaran, a native of Cheruthoni, traveled through the thread bridge between life and death on Thursday night.

The car driven by Anu, who was going from Thangamani to his home in Cheruthoni, met with an accident near Mariapuram at 7.30 pm on Thursday. There was no one else in the car. After the car cut off the speeding vehicle from the opposite direction without hitting it, the car went out of control and fell down several times towards the river bank. The woman somehow got out of the car and was moving forward when she fell into the river.

In the strong current, Anu was swept through the stream for about 100 meters but caught on to the grass in the stream and reached the back of Mariapuram PHC. Anu is the wife of Maheswaran, a nursing assistant at Thrissur Medical College Hospital.

English Summary: Anu Maheswaran car accident


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