The YouTuber lost 7 kg in a month just from sit-ups?

In recent weeks, we have presented you with quite a few challenges of YouTubers who tried their hand at such and other fitness tasks for a month, and this time we also decided to check what happened to the body of a YouTuber (another) who performed 100 sit-ups a day for a month.

This time it’s a YouTuber named Steven who calls himself “Simple-Man”, as he is an ordinary exerciser who wants to live a better life without spending hours and hours in the various gyms.

Apparently this is a “simple man”, but the latter has 100 thousand subscribers on his official YouTube page, what’s more, the video about the 100 squats a day for a month has already recorded more than 8 million views (in total Steven has almost 37 million views on his videos).

The latter started the challenge when he weighed 93.5 kg with 20.7 percent fat, when the circumference around his navel was 95.2 cm. With this data, Stephen set out when he pointed out that along his journey, he also changed his diet in favor of the challenge.

After the challenge was not easy in the first days, (and with the bitter personal memory from the past about a similar challenge that did not come to an end), Steven notes that over time the daily performance of 100 sit-ups became easy, so he added more abdominal exercises.

In addition, Steven reveals that he continued to perform his home weight training for the rest of the body muscles as usual, so that his diet changes, the addition of the complementary abdominal exercises and the strength exercises that he did not give up during the challenge must also be taken into account.

At the end of the challenge, Steven shared his new measurements and they are certainly worthy of appreciation after only 30 days of the challenge: the weight dropped to 87 kg, the fat percentage dropped to 17.7 and the circumference around his navel decreased by almost 9 cm.

It’s very cute, but squats alone won’t be enough (Ketut Subiyanto)

As at the end of each challenge, Steven shared his photos before and after the challenge, and in order not to hear too much “you just put your stomach in”, he also made sure to demonstrate a stomach outside and a stomach inside at the two different times – this may increase the level of credibility (you can see it in the attached video above ).

However, and with all due respect to the 100 sit-ups a day, Steven explicitly states at the end of the video that in his opinion nutrition is 90 percent of the work, and that the sit-ups are not the ones that led to said results.

In addition, the latter points out that if you chose to invest in your abdominal exercises, you must increase the level of difficulty each time when it becomes easy (adding weights, etc.), and even change exercises after the body has already gotten used to one of the abdominal exercises you have chosen.

pay attentionEverything mentioned in this article is for enrichment only. Before you choose a training program or a diet of one kind or another, you must consult with a qualified person who will adapt your training to your current state of health and fitness.

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