The ZTE AX3000 Pro router offers increased reception for $100

ZTE announced theZTE AX3000 Prothe company’s new WiFi 6 router for the home market, which comes with 4 7dBi antennas for increased reception and wider coverage of the house, support for Mesh technology to connect several routers and data transmission capacity of up to 3000Mbps.

The ZTE company is less known today to most users in Israel, but it is actually one of the giant corporations in the field of wireless communication in the world, when this time it tries to provide a WiFi solution for home users with its new ZTE AX3000 Pro router, which looks very similar to the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 router of Huawei with an extremely thin and flat design and 4 foldable antennas at the back.

ZTE AX3000 Pro router (ZTE source)

The new router is based on Qualcomm’s IPQ5018 chip, which supports the connection of up to 256 users at the same time, along with 512MB of memory and 256MB of storage, when it can be quickly connected to mobile devices using a built-in NFC chip.

The router supports the latest WiFi 6 standard with a data transfer speed of up to 3000Mb/s and the possibility of connecting several similar routers to create a MESH network for greater coverage of the house.

On the back of the router you can find 3 LAN ports and one WAN port – all of them come in gigabyte GbE standard.

ZTE’s new ZTE AX3000 Pro router is available for sale in the various markets at a price of $100 (approx. NIS 326), and it is expected to be sold in Israel as well, but there are no local launch or price expectations as of this moment.

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