Theft in Amazon FedEx Cargo Trains In US Theft Cases In Los Angeles rise | Theft on Amazon and FedEx cargo trains, increase in theft cases in Los Angeles

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Theft cases in the US (US Theft Case) The number is increasing day by day. In Los Angeles (The Angels) Dozens of freight cars are smashed and stolen by thieves on the railways every day, according to an AFP report. Thieves commit theft when the train stops at each station. Packages bought online are looted.

Empty boxes will be left on the railway tracks after everything is stolen from the packets. Major U.S. mail order and courier companies such as Amazon, Target, UPS and FedEx have been hit by thefts in recent months, the report said. More than 90 containers are being destroyed every day since January 1st. Since the increase in Christmas shopping by the end of December 2021, the number of cases has also increased so much.

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As a result, no orders have reached the destination. In Los Angeles County, December 2020 saw a 160 percent increase in theft cases. According to the report, in October 2021 alone, the increase in cases was 356 percent.

Thieves who wait for trains to stop will then break the locks of the bogies with a bolt cutter and commit theft. Inexpensive and unsold items will be discarded.

The Union is taking a number of steps to reduce Pacific theft. The company has reportedly improved its surveillance systems by increasing the number of drones deployed. More security personnel have also been recruited. In the last three months of 2021 alone, police arrested more than 100 people on charges of trespassing and causing damage.

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However, a Railways spokesperson said that even if the culprits are caught, they will be released within 24 hours. A railway spokesperson said that this was the reason for the increase in accuracies. At the end of December, the Union Pacific wrote to the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office requesting a review of the policy, which was introduced by the end of 2020, to reduce the punishment for perpetrators of such crimes.

The damage from such thefts in 2021 is estimated at about $ 5 million, according to the report. This does not include losses incurred by customers and claim amounts. The conclusion is that if it is taken into account, it will be much bigger than this.

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