There are 36 new Michelin stars in Italy

by time news – The always exciting ceremony for the presentation of the 67th edition of the Michelin Guide saw the awarding of 36 new stars at 35 restaurants, with the surprise of the Tre Olivi restaurant in Paestum, passed from zero to two stars.

Between 35 starry news which have outlined a new firmament in fourteen regions of the peninsula, Campania stood out both for the number of overall awards (8 new stars), and for the presence of two new two-star restaurants, included in the Italian selection. The Guide therefore includes 2 new entries with two stars and 33 new entries with one star, for a total of 378 restaurants. All 11 confirmed with three stars.

The event, broadcast in streaming, was hosted by Fjona Cakalli with the participation of Federica Pellegrini who, as Michelin Ambassador, announced the 17 restaurants to which the inspectors awarded the Green Star, the total number of restaurants with a green star thus rises to 30.

The starry panorama 2022:

  • A star: 329 restaurants (33 new)
  • Two stars: 38 restaurants (2 new)
  • Three stars: 11 restaurants

For a total of 378 starred restaurants.

The regional ranking

In the ranking of stars by regions, Lombardy maintains the leadership thanks to the 56 restaurants (3 with three stars, 5 with two, 48 with one) and the 4 new starred restaurants. The Campania on the other hand, it won the annual record of novelties (no less than 7), taking second place with 48 restaurants, (8 with two stars and 40 with one). Consequentially Piedmont, 1 novelty and 45 restaurants (1 with three stars, 4 with two, 40 with one), falls on the lowest step of the podium while with a new-entry and 41 restaurants (1 with three stars, 5 with two, 35 with one ), Tuscany climbs to fourth position ahead of Veneto which, compared to the total of 36, is the second most awarded region of 2022 thanks to 5 new starred restaurants (1 with three stars, 4 with two, 31 with one) present in the guide.

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Among the provinces, Naples is confirmed first for posting with 30 restaurants (6 with two stars and 24 with one) followed by Rome in second position with 20 (1 with three stars, 1 with two, 18 with one) and then from Bolzano; third with 19 restaurants (1 with three stars, 3 with two, 15 with one) ahead of Cuneo with 18 (1 with three stars, 2 with two, 15 with one). Milan slips into fifth position with 16 starred restaurants (1 with three stars, 3 with two, 12 with one).

The 11 confirmed with three stars that “are worth the trip”

In the language of the guide, the signs with three macarons offer a cuisine that is “worth the journey”, and the restaurants selected are:

  • Piazza Duomo in Alba (CN),
  • From Vittorio to Brusaporto (BG),
  • St. Hubertus, a San Cassiano (BZ),
  • The Calandre has Rubano (PD),
  • From the Fisherman to Canneto Sull’Oglio (MN),
  • Osteria Francescana in Modena,
  • Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence,
  • La Pergola in Rome,
  • Reale in Castel di Sangro (AQ),
  • Mauro Uliassi in Senigallia (AN)
  • Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC in Milan

The green stars

The Green Star is a symbol that distinguishes restaurateurs at the forefront of sustainability and it can be attributed to any restaurant, not just starred restaurants or Bib Gourmands. In assigning the recognition, the inspectors take into consideration multiple factors: the production of raw materials, respect for work and the support of local producers, waste reduction, waste management, actions aimed at minimizing the use of energy resources and the impact of the structure on the environment, the sustainable training of young people, are just some of the issues. There are a total of 30 restaurants with a green star, 17 new ones.

The special prizes

The special prizes awarded were four and are:

  • Michelin young chef award 2022 by Lavazza, assigned to Solaika Marrocco, Primo Ristorante, Lecce;
  • Michelin room service award 2022 by Intrecci – Higher Education in the Hall, assigned to Matteo Zappile of the Il Pagliaccio restaurant, Rome;
  • 2022 michelin chef mentor award by Blancpain, assigned to Nadia Santini, dal Pescatore restaurant, Canneto sull’Oglio (Mn)
  • Michelin sommelier award 2022 by Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino, assigned to Sonia Egger, Kupperlain restaurant, Castelbello (BZ).
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The Guide beyond the stars

the guide includes a total of 1,900 restaurants. The presence of a restaurant is a certificate of quality and, with a view to a more direct, immediate and legible selection, Michelin has chosen to withdraw the Dish symbol. The smiling face of the Michelin man who licks his mustache indicates a restaurant capable of offering a pleasant gastronomic experience, with a complete menu for less than 35 euros. 255 Bib Gourmands of which 20 are new, 575 places where the menu of the wines is particularly interesting and 798 pleasant exercises.

The app, the Help site and the hotel news

The Michelin Guide is not only printed. All restaurants can also be found in the Michelin Restaurants app, which can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android.The website is full of information, works as a search engine and allows you to easily choose the restaurant according to your tastes. occasions, budget.

Each restaurant corresponds a detailed description and the site also contains an editorial section where you can find restaurants, preview news and suggestive itineraries indicated by the inspectors. From this year, the selection dedicated to hotels will be available in digital format, on the website and on the App. A selection that will be constantly updated and can be consulted, booked and shared on both digital platforms.

Hotels recommended on digital platforms are selected with the same high standards as the restaurants, in order to keep the same promise: to strive for excellence and promote uniqueness. However, although the selections dedicated to hotels and restaurants share the same exact values, the restaurants are selected by anonymous inspectors, while the selection is created by the Tablet Hotels team – hotel experts – and its community of travelers.

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Selection is a collaborative enterprise to which the whole community participates, made up of verified guests who booked their stay through Tablet. They can validate the addresses and share their impressions. Any hotels rated below satisfactory will be further scrutinized to ensure that the Guide’s recommendations are always trustworthy. The digital selection of hotels allows travelers to benefit from the best booking platform developed by Tablet.

Guide History

The Michelin Guide was born in France in 1900. It was a small guide that the brothers Édouard and André Michelin, the founders of Michelin, had wanted to help the few thousand French motorists struggling with a journey that, at the time, was often adventurous. It contained practical information (where to refuel, where to find a workshop, where to change tires) and directions on where to eat and sleep. In Italy, the first Michelin Guide dates back to 1956. It was therefore born as an aid for travelers, like any Michelin product (tires, maps and guides), and continues to be so.

The rigorous selection criteria, applied homogeneously in 30 countries, make it a reference in the field of catering. Inspectors operate anonymously following a consolidated methodology all over the world and pay the bill at the restaurant, evaluating only the quality of the cuisine based on five criteria defined by Michelin: quality of products, taste and skill in the preparation of dishes and in the combination of flavors, cuisine revealing the personality of the chef, quality / price ratio and continuity over time and in the menu. These criteria are met by Michelin inspectors in Italy, as in Japan or in China and the United States. It follows that theThe quality of a three-star restaurant is the same in Florence and New York, just as the quality of a one-star restaurant in Naples and London must be comparable.


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