There are other ghosts besides Lisa ! Read on for 10 interesting facts about PT games.

Back on August 12 It’s the 8th anniversary of PT, the Playable Teaser, of SILENT HILLS that has forever made a legend in the horror game industry. with realistic graphics and sound design and creating atmosphere Which brings players to experience the tension during gameplay in a place they have never encountered before.

To celebrate PT’s birthday, this article will tell 10 facts that gamers may not have known about SILENT HILLS PT. I can go read it.

7780s Studio. The name was not created by random.

With the release of PT for the first time, many gamers assumed that 7780s Studio was a young game development team founded by Konami until the very end of the game. Players have discovered the fact that the 7780s Studio didn’t exist in the first place. But it was the game development team Kojima Productions that changed the name to fool everyone.

So how did the name 7780s Studio originate? Kojima had previously explained that the number 7780 corresponds to the square kilometer area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture. Japan, where Shizuoka can be roughly translated from English as “Quiet Hill” or “Silent Hill” which means “peaceful hill”.

Junji Ito was almost involved in the making of SILENT HILLS.

This is Junji

In 2015, film director Guillermo del Toro revealed that While planning the development of SILENT HILLS, he and Hideo Kojima had contact with one of the legendary horror manga writers Junji Ito. for him to take part in making the game SILENT HILLS a reality.

however Negotiations between the two parties were immediately cut short after Konami canceled the development of the SILENT HILLS project and Hideo Kojima officially left Konami. Although no one knows what role Junji Ito will play in the making of the game, since Ito has been known for writing horror manga for a long time. So it was speculated that he might be in charge of helping design monsters. creating atmosphere With different scenes, locations, the game is possible.

The scene showing actor Norman Reedus in PT is rendered in real-time.

Silent Hill (2)

The cutscenes introducing actor Norman Reedus to the new “SILENT HILLS” title have excited many fans of horror games. But gamers may not know that scene before. It is a scene that is rendered in real time in the game. It’s not a pre-render cut scene as many people understand.

Konami and Hideo Kojima have never released details about the cutscene. (which is understandable (It’s not an issue that many people are interested in.) But one modder in the Facepunch thread discovered that the character models, cars, objects in the SILENT HILLS opening cutscenes are “fetchable”, meaning that The cutscenes are rendered in-game in real time. Because if it is a pre-render cut scene Modder will not be able to extract the file to use at all.

Hideo Kojima didn’t expect players to finish PT so quickly.

Silent Hill

In addition to PT is a game that offers a whole new horror experience. The game comes with complex puzzles with many steps. Since gamers have to figure out how to solve the puzzle themselves, with no hints given, Hideo Kojima expects gamers to spend more than a week playing the game.

However, thanks to the gamers who came together to work together. or some kind of luck As a result, players were able to accidentally finish PT in less than 24 hours, much faster than Hideo Kojima had expected.

PT is intended to run at a frame rate of 30FPS.

P.t. (3)

Many of you might understand that the reason why PT runs at 30FPS is due to PlayStation 4 hardware limitations, which results in games not running at 60FPS.

But in fact, the team intended to run the game at a frame rate of 30FPS from the beginning, with Kojima revealing the reason for this. It’s to fool players into thinking that PT is a game created by a small indie game development team. With the intention of giving the game unpolished graphics, using the simplest control system, deliberately adding stuffy sound effects. It also limits the running frame rate to 30FPS.

Lisa is always staring at you from behind.

Lisa is a mysterious girl who constantly terrifies gamers. with a shrill cry Keeping the nerves for gamers to be paranoid which creates a tense gaming atmosphere to the extreme.

But in fact, Lisa didn’t run away. But she’s following you, according to modder Lance McDonald, who has tried modifying the camera angles of PT games to be able to immerse the camera angles. But while testing the mod, he discovers a creepy secret that Lisa has been following gamers all the time. That’s why Lisa’s cry sounded like it was whispering in the player’s ear. Even though I turned around and couldn’t find her.

The bloodbath refrigerator in PT may be based on Silent Hill 2.

P.t. (2)

During the PT game, there is a scene where the player encounters a blood-soaked refrigerator. which is hanging on the front door with the sound of a baby crying with the sound of the radio reporting on the murder case that was done by the husband’s own family

After players have completed PT, Silent Hill fans noticed that the bloodbath refrigerator in PT is similar to the refrigerator from Silent Hill 2, although there has been some debate over the similarities between the refrigerators in PT and Silent Hill. It’s just a coincidence Or something that the game development team had purposely created from the beginning, but in the end, we can’t deny that the refrigerator between the two games is in the same universe.

The decapitated body model of Lisa was discovered that was not used in the actual game.


Found by modder Lance McDonald, the original owner said that after going through the “red hell” phase, players can walk fast. And all the photos turned into nightmares for many gamers. Gamers will be able to go to the bathroom. and noticed the bathtub was unable to interact with it.

The bathtub was nothing short of interesting, but after debugging McDonald’s, the game accidentally discovered the hidden body of Lisa, whose head fell off her shoulder. lying in the bathtub It is assumed that she had been in the tub since the beginning of the game.

While no one knows why the model was removed from the game, fans have theorized that Lisa’s body may have been the same corpse as a pregnant woman murdered by her husband reported on the radio.

PT may contain covert UFO content.


During the PT game, players can hear the host’s voice on the radio. speaking in swedish along with being converted to a very low tone Until it seems that the program is broadcasting live in a place called “Hell” and is hosted by the devil.

According to the game media, SVG revealed that the show is the voice of a woman Commenting on Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” radio show about 70 years ago, she said the aliens were actually lurking among the humans, and they were watching every human movement. pace

The UFO content is quite important to the Silent Hill title because of the game itself. There is often a comedic ending like “UFO Ending,” which tells us that not all events in Silent Hill were caused by supernatural forces. and our twisted minds but the handiwork of the aliens that secretly tests human beings

The ghost of this game may not be the only Lisa.

Lisa might not be the only ghost in PT, as one Dataminer discovered that in the PT game files there was a monster model that wasn’t used in the game. which looks like a headless woman with large arms on one side By referring to the trailer for the SILENT HILLS game that was released at the Tokyo Game Show, the ghost’s arm. It is large enough to fit throughout the hallway.

Unfortunately, in the PT game files, no details about this monster are revealed. As for why this monster did not appear in the PT game, no one knows other than Konami and Hideo Kojima himself.

(Free) The meaning of the number 204863


204863 is a puzzle number of PT games that players have heard so often that fans have come up with many theories that the number. It may have a deeper meaning to the story of SILENT HILLS.

However, it seems that the meaning of 204863 in PT probably doesn’t mean anything to SILENT HILLS at all, as many fans are convinced that 204863 is just Hideo Kojima’s birthday, taking those numbers separately. Until it is the 24th (20+4) of August (8th month) 1963 (birth year 1963), which corresponds to Kojima’s birthday.

Still, some fans theorize that 204863 might be a Japanese anagram. that can be translated as “Look at the bathtub.” Most gamers believe that 204863 is just Hideo Kojima’s birthday number with no deeper meaning.

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