“There are talks with Barça, but I haven’t decided yet”

“There are talks with Barça, but I haven’t decided yet”

2023-06-07 14:24:44

Ona Batlle has not yet decided her future. the catalan ends June 30 contract with him Manchester United and, as a free agent, he is days away from deciding his future. “There is nothing done since everyone is talking”, the player sentenced to EL PERIÓDICO, referring to the information that ensures that she has already signed with Barça.

There are conversations with BarçaAs with other top teams in Europe, with Manchester United… I have different offers, but I haven’t decided yet. I will choose what is best for my future”. Right now, the Catalan has three offers from big clubs europeans on the table and in the coming days the final meetings where you will decide your next destination.

“Now I’m still making my decisions for the future. Right now I’m in a stop moment, where my mind needs to disconnect and not think about soccer. In a few weeks I will decide and announce what I have to announce. But to this day, people talk, but I have not done anything”, emphasizes Ona Batlle, one of Barça’s favorites to reinforce the squad that has raised the Champions League a few days ago.

The one from Vilassar de Mar admits that the options to win the European title, a competition that she has never played. “Next year I want to be in a team that plays in the Champions League. And I no longer think about playing it alone, but about winning it. It is true that it is an important aspect to make my decision. I want to be in Champions yes or yes and fight to reach the final”, he admits.

Manchester and the European Championship: the turning points.

Batlle made the decision to sign for the United with tears in the eyes. “Was the best decision i ever made in my life. And look, when I made the decision I was crying, but I was very brave. When I really know that a decision will make me a better person, grow and live new experiences, I make it. It has been the best decision I could have made and now I feel at home in Manchester“, she points out. She feels happy there, but there is one thing she lacks: the sea. For this reason, as soon as the season ended, she went alone for a few days to the Greek island of Santorini to reflect and disconnect.

“My first year in Manchester was very hard. I didn’t know English, it was full covid and I couldn’t even meet my colleagues… I was almost 100% alone. it was me against the world. It was very heavy to live something like that, “he recalls from one of the worst years of his life. When he managed to adapt, everything began to go smoothly until the eurocup last summer in England. “Was a turning point for me: to explode and believe what I really want and believe that I can become as a footballer. Now I have a mentality that two years ago I didn’t even have. I want to be the best at everything in my positionI want to eat the world.”

Royal professionalization in England

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Since he came to Manchester, he has seen how in England the commitment to professionalize women’s football goes many steps ahead than in Spain. “I think that currently one league does not have to do with the other. They have spent years with a plan to invest and arrive at the moment in which they are. Spain is not in the same place. Here all the clubs push to have a professional league and 100% competitive. The Premier is a league that is being professional and you can tell the difference.”

The minimum wage for female footballers in England is approximately 30.000 euros annual. Here in Spain, the league proposes that it be marked in 16.000 euros. “It is that to me since, for example, the referees earn more than the players, who have a higher minimum wage, it seems crazy to me. It cannot be, but the big difference between the Spanish and English leagues are the infrastructures. Playing in England is a pleasure. Any stadium you know will be minimally good, that it will have natural grass. which would have to be a requirement to be in the First Division”.

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