There are those who think that open war against China and Russia is more convenient than the cold war – VP News – ‘forbidden to talk’

There are those who think that open war against China and Russia is more convenient than the cold war – VP News – ‘forbidden to talk’

2023-06-06 00:28:32

SAccording to James Jay Carafano, vice president of the Atlantic Council and Heritage Foundation, the second cold war began thanks to the initiative of China and Russia, which united in a sort of de facto alliance.

Carafano and Dan Negrea believe that the two powers now represent two sides of the same coin. In their reasoning, the two authors affirm that China has endorsed the special operation (NWO) in Ukraine, then allowing itself to be involved in the Russian problem, demonstrating a common prerogative in the expansion of the respective borders. The meeting of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin forty times, according to the authors, marked a turning point, which led them to speak openly about the new challenges underway in the global arena.

For Negrea and Carafano, however, this alliance poses a threat to the United States and to everyone who loves freedom in the world. For this reason, the two authors invite the USA to declare war on Russia and China, in order to be able to fight them more effectively. They also suggest policies to curb illegal immigration and curb the flow of Chinese of military age entering the United States. Furthermore, the authors believe that the USA should adopt policies aimed at strengthening the economy and boosting growth, avoiding creating further public debt and inflation. Not only that, they also suggest promoting deregulation policies and tax cuts, stopping trade investments with China and also involving Europe in this effort, moving away from the “green” model that is proving not to work.

However, their thinking still seems to be based on the old Cold War vision and the economic superiority of the United States over Russia and China. In reality, today as today, this reasoning can no longer work, especially if the wealth of individual countries is compared. The authors must take into account the fact that the USA got to where it is today thanks to the world wars, during which it tried to physically and economically kill Russia and China, which instead remained safe in their territories. Without also considering the collapse of the USSR and the economic benefit derived from the USA afterwards.

Finally, it does not seem that the proposals of Carafano and Negrea will scare Russia or China, but we can imagine that Washington will try to create as many problems as possible for the two opposing nations. In essence, the war between the United States on the one hand, and Russia and China on the other, has already been going on for several decades and public acknowledgment of the facts represents only the first step towards a real solution to the problem.

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