There is a new cyberattack launched every minute

There is a new cyberattack launched every minute A new report from BlackBerry Corporation has highlighted the sheer scale of cyberattacks that occur every day, at a time when it has become almost impossible to stay safe from them.

BlackBerry said that its AI-based preventive technology stopped, between September and November 2022, more than 1.76 million malware-based attacks, and this number represents more than one attack per minute.

The company found that the attacks targeted a number of sectors, such as: automotive and manufacturing, as well as healthcare and finance. The report pointed to the rapid development of attacks, which led to a change in the reporting system from annual to quarterly.

“Annual threat reports have been a great way to provide insight into trends, but now more than ever, organizations need to make informed decisions and take immediate action,” said Ismail Valenzuela, Vice President, Threat Research and Intelligence, BlackBerry. using the latest applicable data.

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According to the report, during the reporting period, the United States was the country most affected by cyberattacks, with nearly a million attacks, followed by Japan and Brazil.

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BlackBerry also revealed details related to the most affected operating systems and vulnerable to attacks, as Windows systems came from Microsoft in first place, as it still dominates the market for desktop systems, by about 75.34 percent, according to (Statcounter) website numbers.

Apple’s macOS accounts for about 14.66 percent of the desktop operating system market, however, BlackBerry has seen its growing popularity among companies for being more secure.

It is now believed that companies and individuals, especially those with devices connected to the Internet, should be vigilant at all times, in addition to paying attention to cyber security.

Information security researchers have warned that there are a huge number of Windows devices connected to the Internet that still suffer from a dangerous vulnerability that Microsoft had corrected in mid-2022.


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