There is a statue of Periyar in front of the mosque and the church.. The temple is the right place! Where is that player? – Suba.wee Sulir | Suba.Veerapandiyan says Temples are proper places for Periyar statue – Suba.Veerapandiyan


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Updated: Saturday, August 6, 2022, 17:00 [IST]

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CHENNAI: General Secretary of the Dravida Movement Tamil Council Suba Veerapandian has said that the statue of Periyar is still in the same place and the Veerathi Veera who asked to break it is missing.

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A few days ago a man who appeared to be mentally deranged spoke to a gathering that the day of breaking the statue of Ayya Periyar in Srirangam was the day of Hindu uprising. It was then that we also understood that a Periyar statue had stopped the Hindu uprising itself.

We have no regrets when he spoke of breaking the idol. Many people have been talking like this for years. In some towns, idols are being destroyed. But nothing has diminished Periyar’s fame till date. On the contrary, his fame has increased manifold.

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Where is the player who told you to break?

Where is the player who told you to break?

The police are now looking for the person who told them to break the statue. As a friend wrote, Periyar’s statue is still there at the same place. Veerathi could not find the player who spoke of wanting to break. He ran and hid somewhere. Let it go, as far as we are concerned, this event has brought joy in another way. This has resulted in three benefits.

Three advantages

Three advantages

It was seen that many people who believed in God and did not belong to the Dravida Kazhagam spoke angrily against this. On the other hand, some people could be seen screaming in the videos because they were told that the police were looking for him. Beyond the two, some neutral masks now hang torn. Every kitten comes out as a kitten. Such vain and heroic speeches will only create a hatred in the people.

The temple is the perfect place

The temple is the perfect place

And it will also develop the debate whether it is right or wrong to say Periyar like that. Some people ask why the statue of Periyar should be placed at the entrance of the temple. Periyar is also the one who said not to go to the temple. Don’t stop those who want to go to the temple, that is their right, Periyar said. So one of the suitable places to place Periyar idol is temple.

Mosque, churches

Mosque, churches

A statue of Periyar is also placed against a Matha temple in Dindigul, with the same words. A statue of Periyar is located near a few mosques in some towns. Why so much, there is a statue of Periyar right in front of the Kanchi Sankara Math. Periyar is for the people. Wherever there are people, wherever people gather, Periyar will live forever!” he said.

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Suba.Veerapandiyan says Temples are proper places for Periyar statue – Suba.Veerapandiyan:


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