There is an agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP for the post-Merkel government

by time news – Germany will have a coalition agreement 59 days after the general elections of 26 September, which saw the SPD prevail with 25.7% of the preferences.

The coalition contract will be presented in Berlin by the ‘semaphore’ parties Spd, Verdi and Fdp (the definition derives from their respective colors: precisely red, green and yellow) and has not yet completed its path before the election of Olaf Scholz as chancellor and the official formation of the new government.

Today the Liberals will hold a joint summit of the party presidency with the parliamentary group.

Then the text that will be presented by the leaders (Scholz for the Social Democrats, Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock for the Greens and Christian Lindner for the Fdp), must have the green light in the extraordinary congresses of the SPD and FPD, while the environmental party has announced that it will organize an online referendum, which will involve 125,000 members.

With the presentation of the coalition contract, the details of the unprecedented collaboration of the SPD-Verdi-Liberali government will be disclosed.

Overall, the phase of the negotiations opened in the aftermath of the federal elections of 26 September which saw the Social Democrats, albeit by a narrow margin, first from the polls, to the detriment of Armin Laschet’s CDU / CSU union: first they had taken the initiative the Greens and the liberals opening a dialogue window between them, then the ‘exploration’ talks began between the SPD, environmentalists and liberals.

The actual, official negotiations began on 21 October: the agreement made from the beginning was that of extreme confidentiality in the meetings.

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After a negotiation phase conducted at the level of as many as 22 thematic working groups, in the last phase, the one that ends this morning, smaller delegations, made up of leaders and some of the main exponents of the respective parties, returned to see each other.

The election of Olaf Scholz as the new Federal Chancellor is scheduled for the week starting December 6.


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