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State Duma deputies on Thursday agreed to deprive their colleague Valery Rashkin of immunity. All factions, except the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, found convincing the prosecutor general’s arguments about the communist’s guilt in the illegal murder of an elk. At the same time, Mr. Rashkin’s accusers did not want to comment on other cases of illegal hunting, but talked a lot about the “immorality” of the oppositionist. In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the actions of their deputy are considered only “absurd actions”, and the case against him is political.

“Today is one of those rare cases when the Prosecutor General is forced to submit a proposal to deprive Valery Rashkin of parliamentary immunity,” Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov began his speech from the Duma rostrum with deep regret on his face and voice. Then he proceeded to retell the already well-known circumstances of what happened in the Saratov hunting farm “Lebedka”, where Deputy Rashkin “entered into an agreement with persons familiar to him to carry out an illegal hunt.”

However, the dry retelling soon gave way to very emotional assessments. So, Mr. Krasnov, having made a reservation that he would not dwell in detail on the “clumsy attempts” of the deputy to mislead law enforcement officers, nevertheless managed to call it a “shame” and reported that he had a negative attitude towards “such manifestations of insincerity”. The Prosecutor General left these “manifestations” “on the conscience” of Valery Rashkin, to whom he also had other complaints: “I believe that a man who has taken up arms should continue to behave like a man: action and not arouse pity. ” After that, the head of the supervisory department finally asked the deputies to give him what he came for – consent to initiate a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 258 of the Criminal Code, “conducting searches (with an emphasis on the third syllable. – “B”) “And the prohibition of certain actions, as well as bringing to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Art. 12.26 of the Administrative Code.

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The head of the Duma commission on mandate issues, Otari Arshba (ER), considered that the accusations against the communist were not enough. He informed his colleagues that citizen Rashkin was also absent on the day of the hunt at the plenary meeting, when the Duma considered the draft budget in the first reading, although someone voted for him. Mr. Arshba proposed to consider this issue to another deputy body, which was still sitting idle in the new Duma – the ethics commission headed by Valentina Tereshkova.

At the beginning of his speech, Valery Rashkin drew attention to the attention paid to his elk in the media: “More talked and wrote only about the assassination of President Kennedy.” At the same time, the deputy did not observe “such a fuss about those poachers, from whom the FSB seized hundreds of bear paws and hundreds of kilograms of moose lips.” The communist explained that he was “spying” on him and “set up” by the fact that in the past two years he was “trying to prevent the Motherland from sliding into despotism against the background of general covid-mindedness” and that the struggle for fair elections organized by him “causes heartburn in everyone in the vertical of power.” The scale of the scandal, according to the deputy, is disproportionate to the gravity of the offense, which speaks of the political background of this case, the purpose of which is to eliminate a political rival.

Sergei Obukhov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) recalled how in 2013 United Russia deputy Nikolai Valuev was suspected of illegal hunting for a beaver, but then it did not come to criminal responsibility (the investigation decided that “beaver hunting does not cause major damage to the fauna of the Arkhangelsk region”). In this regard, the communist was interested in why then there were no presentations of the Prosecutor General to the Duma. But the speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, stood up to defend Mr. Krasnov, declaring that this issue had nothing to do with the case. In the same way, he suppressed the question of Oleg Nilov, a deputy from A Just Russia – For the Truth (SRZP), who asked the Prosecutor General why in other similar cases there is no “such prosecutor’s supervision”.

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The deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party and United Russia repeated the question several times why Valery Rashkin did not immediately admit his guilt and whether he was ashamed. The communist, looking down, replied that in his earlier video he explained everything. His party colleagues, in turn, asked Mr. Krasnov why he was asking for such a measure as a ban on certain actions, and received an answer that the deputy “can influence his acquaintances.” The SRHR tried to get the Prosecutor General to answer the question of whether he would once again apply to the deputies for permission to send the case to court: although he said that he would act according to the law, for some reason he mentioned that there were precedents when a second no appeal was required.

When the speeches from the factions began, the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Yuri Sinelshchikov, called the actions of the party member “absurd actions” that do not entail criminal or administrative responsibility, because he had no direct intent. The communist also admitted that he does not understand what exactly the Prosecutor General is going to look for in the party premises “in relation to a shot in the Saratov forest.”

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky habitually switched to generalizations, recalling the Soviet camps to the communists: “You have not only this elk in the blood of your hands, we do not know him!” When he called Vladimir Lenin “the main terrorist of the planet,” Nikolai Kharitonov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) shouted something from the spot. “Sit down and shut up, Kharitonov, collective farmer! .. Get more weapons!” – shouted the liberal-democrat, and the communists in response chanted “shame!”

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The deputy from “New people” 25-year-old Ksenia Goryacheva, who has not yet introduced a single bill, decided to teach the life of 66-year-old Valery Rashkin and other deputies, telling them that “it is not enough to be sincere”, but one must live according to the laws that “we we are writing with you within these walls. ” She also said that her party proposes to abandon parliamentary immunity altogether and therefore votes for the deprivation of immunity.

Finally, from the speech of Alexander Khinshtein (ER) it became clear that the United Russia party was the best prepared to consider this issue: not only did they check how Valery Rashkin voted on the day of the hunt, but also found out that the deputy elected from Moscow flew in his native Saratov in business class for free, and this is 31 thousand rubles. “The Rashkin case is a shameful page in the history of the State Duma. This story does not add authority to us, but the more honest we are to each other, the higher this authority will be, “Mr. Khinshtein concluded pathetically.

True, only 287 out of 325 members of the United Russia faction decided to support the authority of the State Duma in this way (the rest did not vote). But they were joined by 20 out of 28 Social Revolutionaries, 21 out of 23 representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party and 12 out of 15 “new people” who also supported the initiation of a criminal case. Only the Communist Party faction voted against the lifting of immunity.

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