The money time is already here and everything is ready for the last battle left for the 2021/22 season in Israeli football. Barak Bachar and Sean Goldberg from the side of Maccabi Haifa, Aliniv Barda together with Miguel Vitor from the side of Hapoel Beer Sheva. The coaches and players of both teams are currently holding the traditional press conference before the final of the State Cup to be held tonight (Tuesday, 20:30).

The new champion, who is still celebrating the championship, wants to add another trophy to her trophy cabinet, and seal the season in the best way possible. On the other hand, the Reds from the Negev capital want to end the season with the coveted title and prevent the opponent from celebrating at their expense. The journey was broadcast live here on the website.

Elyaniv Barda Said ahead of the game: “Feels good. I estimate there will be excitement tomorrow. I think it’s an important game for both teams, no more or less important. It’s one game for a degree and that’s how we’ll treat it. I was privileged to work with Barak Bachar as a player and to reach team achievements and also as an assistant coach. I learned a lot from him and I will have a hard time surprising him. There is no bad blood between the teams, there is an excellent relationship between the teams as well. It’s true that the last games did not end with 22 players and something always happened, but it’s a game of emotions and sometimes things like that happen. “Maccabi Haifa is very strong and is having an amazing season, but it’s one game and anything can happen.”

Aliniv Barda (Radad Jabara)

The coach added: “Rokavica? I think everyone here is a professional and all publications are the responsibility of the advertiser. I’m all focused on the upcoming game and will talk about my future a few days after the final. This is my second game in the Cup final, I’ve been an assistant to Abacus lately. Playing for this title for prestige, fans and the city are of great importance and we will be happy to finish it with the best taste possible. To the best of my understanding the tangle in terms of the audience is resolved on the best side, the audience will want to see a show and hope they finish happy. It is definitely a challenge, they have an outstanding front end. We played against them more than once and we will have to stop them in the next game as well. “

Miguel Vitor Told ahead of the game: “Feels good, we are focused in the game, we did the work needed before the game, we are ready for the game and feel happy. It will not be an easy game, it’s a final. Two good teams against each other. We have already played five games and each one was like a final. We expect an equal and difficult game and I hope that in the end we will win the cup. I think we are two teams with ambition that want to win, sometimes things go out of proportion. I hope we do not see it tomorrow and that we will finally be the happy group. I did not see their celebrations because I was busy with our game, I hope we are the ones who will be happy and celebrate at the end of the game. ”

Miguel Vitor next to the trophy (Radad Jabara)Miguel Vitor next to the trophy (Radad Jabara)

Barak Bachar Speaking ahead of the match: “We have the 24-hour law that the switch must be made, to my joy we did it against Netanya despite many changes, we made the crowd happy and gave a football show. We will come with the same approach tomorrow as well. The deductions? Tomorrow we will see who will play. I currently have no answer regarding the fitness of the goalkeepers. I’ll make the decision next to the game. We are aware that another degree will make the season a historic season. But we have a good, strong and experienced opponent in front of us. We had a lot of good and close games between us. “The hurdle is difficult but we hope to make our fans happy and make a historic season – that’s the goal.”

Barak Bachar (Radad Jabara)Barak Bachar (Radad Jabara)

Bachar added: “In all the games, there were things that were a pity that happened that were related to both the referees and the players. We do not want to mess with nonsense and provocations. There will be a respectable status and we want to win football. We always believe, it will be a balanced game. We have to deal with ourselves, if we do the preparation well our chances will be high. There is no way they are hungrier than us. Everyone is hungry and understands the meaning of taking the degree – we will surely come hungry. “

Bachar concluded: “Dean David? If we go back to Netanya then even with key players who did not play others came and did a wonderful job. There will be someone else to play in his place and he will surely do the job. Whoever was in these positions then has an advantage. It’s one game. “Goldberg has an advantage because he played these classes, but everyone will come prepared.”

Miguel Vitor, Aliniv Barda, Barak Bachar and Sean Goldberg with the trophy (Radad Jabara)Miguel Vitor, Aliniv Barda, Barak Bachar and Sean Goldberg with the trophy (Radad Jabara)

Sean Goldberg Said towards the final: “This is the kind of games that are money time, there is no room for mistakes. I love it and prevent it and to my delight I also experienced it. I would love to win the trophy. We really want this title. We are less interested in four degrees, of course we would like to register in the history books but we currently want the trophy more than anything. We have one game and we have to give it our all. There is something special here. We showed it during the season and we didn’t just take a championship. “

Goldberg added: “This is one game and anything can happen, BS is a good team. We made the preparations in the short time that was and will do everything to win this game. rivalry? It is impossible to argue that there were things that are not used to seeing and should not have been, but as professionals we want to win and that causes these things. We want to show what we are worth. ”

Sean Goldberg (Radad Jabara)Sean Goldberg (Radad Jabara)

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