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Doha: Costa Rica came out in 541 formation against strong Germany. The strategy was made to lock Germany by lining up five people in defense. On the other hand, Germany was in 4231 formation.

We saw Germany attacking to win. Germany took the lead in the 10th minute. Sergi Nabri’s header hits the right corner of the post after catching David Raum’s pass. The ball entered the net without giving even a chance to the goalkeeper Keylor Nawaz.

In the 15th minute, Mario Goratzaka’s smashing header was deflected by Navas. In the 26th minute, Jamal Musiala’s goal attempt was deflected by the defense. In the 40th minute, Nabri’s shot went wide of the right post. From the start, Germany was in the lead in possession and attack. In the first half, Costa Rica were unable to mount a significant attack. Germany had 71 percent of possession in the first half. Germany scored 11 goals while Costa Rica only scored one. Germany also managed to shoot at the Costa Rica goal four times. Costa Rica changed in the second half. They played attacking. The equalizer in the 59th minute. Yalstin Tejeda’s rebound didn’t miss. The ball reached the net before seeing the captain and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. In the 63rd minute, Antony Rüdiger failed to capitalize on the opportunity he got in front of the Costa Rican goal. Costa Rica shot again in the 70th minute to the German chest. Juan Pablo Vargas scored the goal. Germany equalized in the 73rd minute through Kai Havertz. Germany scored the winning goal in the 85th minute. Germany took the lead through Havertz. Germany scored the fourth goal in injury time. Nikas Fulkrug netted from Leroy Sane’s pass.


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