There is no other way to turn the money Sri Lankan government decides to sell cannabis again: law amendment soon

Colombo: To strengthen the country’s economy, the Sri Lankan government has decided to export cannabis to foreign countries again. Amid the severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka, various measures are being taken to increase foreign investment. Before the British invasion, the drug ganja was exported from Sri Lanka. After that, it was banned. In this case, the Sri Lankan government is showing interest in exporting cannabis again.

Regarding this, Sri Lankan Medical Minister Sisira Jayakodi said, ‘Manufacturing and exporting cannabis can generate a lot of income. New legislative amendments will be made to legalize the export of cannabis. The rules will be framed by the 5th. Sri Lanka can earn USD 3 billion through indigenous medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Therefore, consultations were held in and outside Parliament regarding the removal of restrictions on the export of cannabis. Statistics show that the global cannabis market has a demand for cannabis of up to four trillion. So Sri Lanka is planning to take advantage of that opportunity,’ he said.


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