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But what an effort to chase. Clinging to the small hopes of a machine that responds well to correlations to put it in the technical language of Mattia Binotto. They expected signs of recovery after the all-time low of the last forty years reached in 2020, they arrived together with the awareness that the road to the podium is long. And that from one track to another the values ​​could change, for better or for worse.

Let’s start from a fixed point, Charles Leclerc, first giving a high grade with the means he had. Good start – he explains – an early pit stop to try to put pressure on the others (like McLaren who copied the tactics, having two cars against one ed), a better pace than last year. But then in the end It was difficult to manage the tires and McLaren surprised us: we knew they were competitive but they didn’t show this pace. The switch to Mercedes engines accelerated the team from Woking, the Prancing Horse’s main rival.

The Maranello engine has also grown as has the rear aerodynamics, but it didn’t take much: Good progress if we look at where we were a few months ago, – adds Charles – it’s clear that only a starting point. Binotto repeats that of close the gap with the best if we talk about it again in 2022, when the rules start from scratch: We have improved in all areas, the important thing is that we have taken the right direction. It’s about staying calm, working with serenity. So as not to miss the next project: We know that we will not work much on this car, and so will our rivals. But there is room for growth, the next three to four races will tell us where we are: we will fight to be the third force.

Gp Bahrain, technical analysis: the technical treatments for Mercedes and the exam in the desert for Ferrari
Possible surprises

And they will say more too on the adaptation of Carlos Sainz, the Spaniard on his honest debut: At the start I was too shy, I still don’t feel like being aggressive. More than eighth place, I look at the pace data which was good. Yes, I am satisfied with my first GP with Ferrari.

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