“There remains the problem of delivery …”. The Figliuolo plan is under accusation

The government is ready to accelerate on the vaccine front. At the end of last week, the new plan was presented to achieve an immunity of 80% by the last days of September. The commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo he clearly stated that the entire country system will be involved so as to quickly emerge from the pandemic emergency and return to normalcy. Obviously a desirable scenario, which it is hoped to be able to achieve thanks to the 500 thousand daily administrations that will enter full capacity from April. But give it Foundation Gimbe they warn that there is an aspect in the strategy of the new extraordinary commissioner that should not be underestimated.

Indeed according to the president Nino Cartabellotta in general, the plan developed by General Figliuolo is to be promoted, but it would present a criticality that is anything but indifferent: “It does not include the problems associated with delivering vaccines and the refusal of a part of the population to get vaccinated“. The doctor, who spoke to the microphones of the broadcast Italy has woken up on Radio Cusano Campus, he underlined how we are still in a transition phase: “It is important that the system is now improving from a logistical and organizational point of view. At the weekend, vaccinations drop a lot, health personnel must be supported“.

“Reassure about AstraZeneca”

As for the AstraZeneca issue, Cartabellotta reiterated the importance of trusting institutions and “not in the headlines otherwise the vaccination campaign goes haywire“. The Piedmont Region – as a precaution while awaiting the investigation – suspended a suspicious batch due to the death of a teacher from the province of Biella a few hours after the vaccine was injected. The president of the Gimbe Foundation, however, invited to reassure the population on the safety of the antidote: “This story did not take place. When many people are vaccinated, it is clear that serious events can occur, regardless of the vaccine. The cause-effect link should not be confused with a temporal link“.

“Rt is not very effective”

Finally, the doctor touched on the issue relating to closures, arguing that the index of transmissibility Rt has some limitations “which do not make it very effective for assessing the progress of the pandemic“as”it is calculated only on subjects with symptoms and then it is calculated on an estimate that concerns the previous 14 or 7 days“. Also because when we say that the color of the Region depends on 21 indicators”it is absolutely true, but the RT weighs more than 50%“.


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