There will be a terrible Destruction in Tamil Nadu – Morton female preacher warns ..! || There will be a terrible flood in Tamil Nadu

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“My prayer is that all the people of the world will be well,” said Pavithra Kalimata, a Morton woman preacher.

Record: November 27, 2021 15:24


Sri Pavithra Kalimatha hails from Sirumalai village in Dindigul district. He is a graduate of Kalimata All India Youth Mocha Dharmacharya.

He came to Thiruvannamalai to see the great light of Thiruvannamalai. He was wearing face paint, lipstick and a lot of gold jewelry. Arrived in luxury car. The hair was also dyed.

Sami darshan at the Kali temple near Thiruvannamalai Ramanasirama and left for Kirivalam. Earlier he blessed the devotees who came to the temple with saffron tilak.

As he says, I had devotion to Kalimata as a child. I have been involved in Kalimata worship ever since. I would go to the cemetery at night and worship.

When Dharma rises in the world, Shiva will make Kali incarnate. Like the goddess Unnamalai, Kali is very dear to Lord Shiva. I have visited Thiruvannamalai and gone to Kiriwalam on the orders of Annamalaiyar.

My prayer is that all the people of the world will be well. Terrible flood in Tamil Nadu after 3 months. Then a calm atmosphere develops.

Soon I have decided to give alms to 500 to 1000 devotees daily in Thiruvannamalai.

Thus he said.

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