“There will be an increase in covid cases”

“We all cheer for school in person, but there is nothing free. The reopening of schools will give us some problems and I expect an increase in the spread of infections” Covid. Massimo Galli, full professor of Infectious diseases at the State University of Milan and head physician at the Sacco hospital in the Lombard capital, guest of ‘TimeLine’ on SkyTg24 expresses himself in this way on the day when – in many regions – the new school year opens. “Children are not vaccinated, adolescents only partially and this Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2” can particularly infect children as well, “he adds.

Variants chapter: the Mu variant “is not the first nor the last variant” of coronavirus “that will appear on the scene”, but it will not be able to “win” against the Delta because it is “less widespread”.

For the professor, “what’s negative is that it seems more prone to evade antibodies than the vaccine’s immune response anti-Covid. The good thing is that this variant it is in no way able to win with the Delta because it is, most likely, less widespread. So – concludes Galli -, however perverse, it will not make it, if things do not change, to ‘cheat’ the Delta variant in its ability to spread “.


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