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The transformation of microcenter porteño continues to climb steps and the City Government activated actions to seduce the actors of the real estate sector. In that direction, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Head of Government, and Martín Lousteau, national senator for the UCR, have just presented a conversion plan to a platoon of 250 developers that could take part of the residential change works that are proposed for the historical case of Buenos Aires. The officials exposed details of programs such as “Move to a microcenter” and made reference to the lines of credit that are coming.

The scheduled residential area will extend from Callao avenue to the end of Bajo between Belgrano and Córdoba avenues. It will comprise an area of ​​120 blocks.

as far as he could tell iProfessionalThe meeting was also attended by the Minister of Public Space and Urban Hygiene, Clara Muzzio, the Minister of Economic Development and Production, José Luis Giusti, and Guillermo Laje, president of Banco Ciudad. Larretismo approached a number that accounts for the commercial disaster that caused the pandemic in that area of ​​Buenos Aires: commercial and labor activity at that point on the Buenos Aires map fell 70 percent in the last two years.

“The downtown must once again be an urban, sustainable and intelligent area to promote economic development and make it attractive to live in. With the credits and tax exemptions, we want to promote a transformation process that allows a mix of different uses. Not only offices, but there is a percentage of homesas well as education, entertainment and gastronomy services,” said José Luis Giusti, head of the Economic Development portfolio.

One of the changes that the Buenos Aires government has been promoting to make the changes concrete includes the incorporation into the Building Code of chapter 3.10 destined for interventions in existing buildings so that they can be adapted to mixed uses without requiring major building interventions, but guaranteeing safety conditions.

Specifically, this item addresses criteria regarding how modifications should be made in relation to means of egress, accessibility conditions and lighting and ventilation requirements applicable to changes in the use of the building.

The reconversion proposes changes for an area of ​​120 blocks.

Downtown Buenos Aires: the benefits that come

“The plan contemplates the granting of tax benefits to those who make investments, which will be exempt from the Gross Income Tax during the first two years of the law’s validity,” they recently reported from the City.

“Another measure consists of promoting reconversion projects where a percentage of the amount invested with respect to the total amount may be computed as payment on account of the Gross Income Tax. This, with a limit of recovery of up to 60 percent of the amount invested“, was added officially.

For the purchase of homes, the administration headed by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will activate a line of credit in UVAs with mortgage guarantee.

“A compensatory fund will be created to equalize the possible differences that exist between the adjustment in the installments of mortgage loans, indexed by UVA and the variation of the Average Taxable Remuneration Index of Stable Workers (RIPTE)”, they recently exposed from the Government from the city.

According to reports, the Buenos Aires ruling party estimates that will provide credits for a value close to 6,000 homes. Regarding rentals, a loan will be granted to those tenants who sign contracts linked to real estate intended for single housing.

Recovering the economic movement in Florida and Lavalle is one of the slogans of the Buenos Aires plan.

Recovering the economic movement in Florida and Lavalle is one of the premises of the Buenos Aires plan.

Downtown of the City: the lines of the Banco Ciudad

Banco Ciudad will be the main protagonist of the credit scheme promoted by the City. The entity will launch a line of preferential mortgage credits for the purchase of a single home in said area, destined exclusively for refurbished units for use as housing.

Sources close to the City indicated a few weeks ago to iProfessional what “the credits will be for a 20-year term, in UVAswith a coverage that the borrower may request voluntarily, to be used in the event of discrepancies between the UVA and the average salary variation index throughout the loan”.

“The bank will also have a line of personal loans for those who decide to rent in the microcenter, destined to cover moving expenses and those related to rental contracts for homes located in the microcenter. The advantages of this line in terms of its accessibility are mainly given by the subsidized interest rate, which will be fixed and 30 percent (TNA) The extended financing term of up to 3 years. The maximum amount to be granted will be approximately 120,000 pesos“, they added.

The lines will be presented over the next few weeks. “The mortgage will require completion of renovation works and conditioning of the units”, concluded the voices questioned.


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