These are the requirements to obtain the free Renfe pass from August 24

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has issued a resolution, published this Thursday at Official Gazette of the State (BOE)in which it establishes the conditions and the steps to follow to acquire the new free pass for Renfe users approved as part of the anti-crisis decree to combat the consequences of the war in Ukraine and high energy prices.

By virtue of this resolution, the appellant travelers of Suburban and Conventional Middle Distance will be able to purchase the new free pass from August 24, with which they will be able to travel on these trains from September 1 i fins to fins d’any.

Register on the website

From August 8, users can register on the website and in the Renfe and Renfe Rodalies applications to prepare the procedures for August 24. Users who normally use Renfe’s tools will already have this step done, as it is about registering the data.


For the purchase of the pass, it will be necessary to deposit a deposit. In the case of the Suburbs, the deposit to be paid when purchasing the pass will be 10 eurospreferably by means of a bank card, because the refund is automatically made to this cardas long as the user has made a minimum of 16 trips.

In case of not meeting the minimum number of trips stipulated, the deposit will be considered compensation and will not be returned to the user. In the event that the bond is deposited in cash, the return must be requested at the ticket officecustomer service offices or in any other after-sales service enabled for this purpose by Renfe.

Large family

For issuing the pass, the user’s ID and/or mobile phone number will be recorded. To the amount of the bond large family discount may be applied if this condition is met.

Suspension of regular subscriptions

During the marketing period of the new recurring subscription, the sale of the rest of the usual subscriptions will be suspended, although those that have been previously purchased will remain in effect with which they have been acquired and can be used.


The acquisition of the subscription will be carried out for each core of Rodalies, that is to say, if the user uses it in Madrid, he will have to buy the one linked to this region. It is recommended to buy it through the Renfe Rodalies app: the option ‘free pass for frequent flyer’ will be selected and a seven-digit QR code will be generated with which you can travel, or redeem it at the machines to have it in physical format (it will only be free the first time ).

Average Distance

In the case of the Conventional Middle Distance, the deposit will be 20 euros. The stations of origin and destination where you will travel during these four months will be selected and, subsequently, every trip you wish to take will be formalized in any of the usual media, although digital is recommended. If a minimum of 16 trips are made, the deposit will be returned.


In the case of Avant, the current subscriptions will be sold at a 50% discount. Likewise, a new subscription has been created for certain services of the AVE and Long Distance with a 50% bonus.

Madrid-Palencia, Madrid-Zamora, León-Valladolid, León-Palencia, Burgos-Madrid, Burgos-Valladolid, Ourense-Zamora, Palencia-Valladolid, Huesca-Zaragoza, León-Segovia, Segovia-Zamora, Palencia-Segovia, Medina del Campo-Zamora are the relations for which this new ticket can be bought.


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